Don't let a disaster put you out of business

Every small business owner knows the importance of their business data. What many don't realize is that, while the chances of a major disaster are quite remote, the majority of data loss is the result of small localized problems. Could your business weather a major equipment failure caused by a tree falling through the roof, a lightning strike, or even theft?

According to the US Bureau of Labor, 93 percent of companies that suffer a significant data loss are out of business within five years

We offer the following services:

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning  - customized for your business needs.
  • Data Backup and Recovery - "bullet-proof" your mission critical data files.
  • Fully Managed & Automated Backup - rest assured your data is always backed-up and securely stored off-site.
  • Co-location - We can also co-locate your equipment in our data center for a complete solution.

We combine planning, prevention, and protection to make sure your business thrives no matter what comes your way. Our extensive experience with a variety of industries helps keep your business data safe and sound.

Let us help you protect your company against the disasters that can literally put you out of business.