Planning for a new Business or relocating an existing one can be a daunting task. Aside from the abundance of Business and financial decisions to be made, much thought needs to be given to your IT environment. Yet that is one area where most companies know very little about. How you plan and implement your IT Infrastructure will have a monumental impact on your current and future operations.

Let us help to guide you through the maze of choices and options and select the best solutions for your business and budget.

As a Full Service Solution Provider, we understand all the different components that must be put together in this process. We will work with you on the planning, from floor plans review to assessing your current and future needs. We will plan for something scalable that you can later build upon should you so decide.

We handle everything from installation of your Data and Communications cabling, to setting up your server/equipment room, to helping you select the computer equipment that will best service your needs, to arranging for your Telco and Internet Service needs. We can order all of the necessary components as determined by your needs and budget. We will do a complete end to end, start to finish installation for you. This includes Servers, Workstations, Routers, Switches, Wi-Fi Access Points, etc. We will purchase on your behalf. We will configure and install everything for you.

When it’s time to occupy your new location, your staff will basically turn on and log in. They can hit the ground running focusing on your business needs and NOT have  to worry about the underlying IT infrastructure that has already been set up and fully functional.

Let us take away the guess work and worry of your endeavor so you can focus on more important things.